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This is a Windows Explorer style File Manager for Linux.
It has been written in:
WxPython (with wxGTK+)
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It is very functional, xince it has been made solely with the following features in mind:
1. full keyboard navigation. optional use of mouse.
2. Speedy browsing.
3. Integration of File Archiver (zip, bzip2, gzip and tar formats)
4. Integration of Mp3 player including Volume Control. (not yet fully decided)

Currently, although much of the coding is over, I have not released any files yet. But a release is expected very soon.

The prerequisites for running this program are:
1. Python
2. WxPython
3. WxWindows

I am Warrier Ajit Chakrapani, student of Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad. I am doing my B.E. in Computer Science. This project started off as an attempt to learn about wxpython and wxwindows.

Python is an interpreted object oriented language which has become hugely popular due to its elegance. It is very simple to learn but very powerful. More information can be obtained from the official website.

Wxwindows is an object oriented cross-platform GUI framework which is fast gaining popularity. WxPython is the set of python bindings to the wxwindows framework.